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Monday - Wednesday:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: SSB 110
Please observe MASK RULES on campus

and use the ONLINE CHECK-IN before entering campus.



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Dream Center Online Counseling


Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Phone: 310-287-4310


Note: You will be prompted to log in via CANVAS or to create a free ConexED account. Email or leave a message at 310-287-4462 if we may be of assistance. A Welcome Center employee will contact you shortly. Online services work best on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Events | Past Events

Renter's Right

Financial Literacy Series

This 4-workshop series gives you the opportunity to master several financial strategies and become more financially independent and informed!
Nov 4, 2021 | Building Financial A Financial Plan for College 
Nov 18, 2021 | Becoming Money Savvy
Jan 20, 2022 | Tips & Tricks For Managing Credit
Feb 3, 2022 | Understanding Student Loans
Students who complete all 4 workshops will receive a digital badge certifying their successful completion. Attending the workshops will also satisfy one or more required contacts for EOPS and/or Fresh Success.
TIME: 3:30M-4:30PM
West LA Polo Shirts giveaways at each workshop! Also, you will be entered in a raffle of a $200 Bookstore Gift Card if you attend all four workshops!


Renters Right Online Workshops POP UP FOOD PANTRY

Renter's Right

Pop-up Food Pantry

Renters’ Rights 

Safe place for Youth & WLAC Monthly Workshops 
Time and Dates: 
Online Workshops 2:00pm to 3:30pm 
  • September 9: Student Housing Resources & Renter’s Rights 
  • October 14: Housing services for undocumented students/mixed status families, foster youth, & system involved 
  • November 11: Financing your housing: financial literacy, credit, & spending plan
  • December 9: Destigmatizing homelessness 
ZOOM MEETING ID: 993 4696 2482 
Use zoom meeting ID for workshops and office hours 

Online Office Hours 

You’re welcome to ask questions about the workshops held or other housing questions. 
Every Tuesday 3:30pm to 5:00pm or email

WLAC Pop-Up Food Pantry

1st and 3rd Fridays | 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
September: 09/03 & 09/17 
October: 10/01 & 10/15 
November: 11/05 & 11/19 
December: 12/03 & 12/17
@Ground Level of South Parking Structure
To show we care for our students, WLAC may provide extra items at 
upcoming distributions including: fresh produce, wardrobe and other pantry 
essentials. Visit for more information. 
  • Please bring your Student ID or any other proof of being a WLAC student.
  • Social Distancing & Mask are REQUIRED
  • Groceries are first come, first served, while supplies last.
Walk Up 
1. Enter South Parking Structure
2. Walk up to booth and collect items
3. Each individual must stand at least 6ft apart at all times
Drive Up 
1. Enter South Parking Structure
2. Park and turn off car in front of booth
3. Items will be placed in car trunk
Sponsors for the WLAC Pop-Up Pantry include the WLAC Associated Student Organization (ASO), WLAC Foundation, & Melissa’s Produce.


Student action weekSAVE THE DATE

Undocumented Student Action Week

Change in Action 
Systemwide Webinars | EVENT FLYER
October 18-22 at 1:00 pm
In the last five years, our collective budget and legislative advocacy during Undocumented Student Action Week has led to funding for Dream Resource Centers and Liaisons, the establishment of an Immigration Legal Services Project, the expansion of AB 540 eligibility and the protection of DACA. We know all too well that change is important every day of the year, not just during action week. This year’s theme, “Change in Action” empowers us to engage in state, federal and local action to support undocumented students in their goal of earning a college education. We must think about the ways we can cultivate and empower change that is long lasting.

During 2021 Undocumented Student Action Week, the California Community Colleges will be hosting a system webinar everyday at 1:00 pm. More information will be shared in the coming weeks on the Chancellor’s Office website.


If you have any USAW questions, please contact us at 

Our Mission

The Dream Resource Center seeks to serve undocumented, LGBTQ+ and housing/food insecure students with information and resources.  These resources are intended to promote college access, persistence, completion and transfer by creating a safe and supportive environment, building leadership skills, promoting equity as well as civic and community engagement.

We seek to promote an inclusive campus culture that empowers our students to achieve their academic and personal pursuits and become active members of our communities.

We believe that students deserve the right to learn, be healthy and pursue their dreams regardless of personal circumstances; such as: gender, immigration status, sexual orientation, and race etc.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that affords parents the right to have access to their children’s education records, the right to seek to have the records amended, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the education records. When a student turns 18 years old, or enters a postsecondary institution at any age, the rights under FERPA transfer from the parents to the student (“eligible student”). 

This U.S. federal law also gives students 18 years of age or older, or students of any age if enrolled in any post-secondary educational institution, the right of privacy regarding grades, enrollment, and even billing information unless the school has specific permission from the student to share that specific type of information. 

Safe Zone

safe zoneSafe Zone is a community of educators who will be understanding, supportive, and trustworthy if undocumented and LGBTQIA+ people who need help, advice, or just someone to talk to. The Safe Zone community will not tolerate homophobic, heterosexist, cisgenderism comments and actions but will address them in an educational and informative and manner.

West Los Angeles College celebrates diversity in people, philosophies, cultures, beliefs, programs and learning environments." The Safe Zone Program is an extension of this value. Therefore, the Safe Zone Network is a group of community college members who are committed to addressing issues of importance and safety to the undocumented and LGBTQIA +(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, Intersex, Agender, Asexual and other queer identifying communities) through education and advocacy.