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Program Mapper: Explore careers & majors and view the classes you need to reach your goal.

Class Spotlight: Anthropology Classes offer a wide variety of options that meet general ed. requirements for Associate Degrees or University Transfer. Check it out... 


Degrees & Certificates

West offers close to 1,000 classes in 12 different academic disciplines. We confer Associate Degrees for Transfer and Associate Degrees in 41 subject areas including 26 for University Transfer. We award 25 types of Certificates for leading industries.

Class Schedule | College Catalog | Program Mapper

View the class schedule for classes currently being offered. The College Catalog provides descriptions of degree and certificate paths, all classes offered, and a variety of information about all areas of the college. Program Mapper gives you an interactive opportunity to explore careers and majors then identify which classes are needed to reach your goal. You can even see the recommended order in which classes should be taken.

Graduation Plans & Transfer Requirements

Graduation Plan A (the "Transfer Plan") provides the requirements to graduate with an Associate Degree and qualify for transfer to a CA state university. Graduation PlanB (the "Career/Vocational Plan") provides the requirements to graduate with an Associate Degree.

File for Graduation

Refer to Important Dates online or in the current class schedule to know the deadline for filing the paperwork needed to graduate. The deadline for June graduates is typically mid-November.

Gainful Employment Information

The following information is provided to assist you in planning to reach your educational and in compliance with the Gainful Employment Act. You may also be interested in visiting our Virtual Career Center.

Accelerated Programs, Learning Communities & Special Programs